New Issue 2/2017

The content of Issue 2/2017 can be seen here .  
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New issue 1/2017

The contents of issue 1/2017 can be seen here .  
Posted: 2017-08-07 More...

New issue 2/2016

The content of issue 2/2016 can be seen here .  
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New Issue 1/2016

The content of Issue 1/2016 can be seen here .  
Posted: 2016-07-05 More...

New Issue 2/2015

The content of Issue 2/2015 can be seen here .  
Posted: 2016-02-08 More...

ERIH PLUS indexing

We announce you that our journal is indexed in ERIH PLUS: .  
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New Issue 1/2015 and Special Issue/2015


The content of Issue 1/2015 can be seen here .

The content of Special Issue/2015 can be seen here .

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New issue 2/2014

The content of issue 2/2014 can be seen here .  
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New issue 1/2014

The content of issue 1/2014 can be seen here and the whole issue here.  
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New issue 2/2013

The content of nr.2/2013 can be seen here .  
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On-line ISSN

An ISSN for the electronic format has been assigned to our journal: on-line ISSN 2344 – 3847.  
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New issue 1/2013

The content of nr.1/2013 can be seen here .  
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Site URL


The site of our journal can be also accessed at the address:

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New issue: 2/2012


The content of the vol.12, issue 1(16), 2012, can be seen here, and the whole issue here.

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Welcome on our new website!


Starting with 2013, willing to improve and increase the quality of our work, the journal will use an on-line subscription system. Details in the "authors guidelines" section.

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