The USV Annals of Economics and Public Administration, Vol 14, No 2(20) (2014)

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Bucharest hotel market in the European context

Silvia Patricia Dodu, Ioana Cristiana Patrichi


 The European hospitality industry currently sees an increase in all specific indicators, a fact that shows, on one hand, the ability of this sector to overcome the economic turbulences of recent years, but also the real perspectives for future growth. Today’s hotel industry can no longer rely on the traditional growth methods, and needs to prepare for the major confrontation with the next-generation technological developments that generate modern marketing channels but, by default, incur significantly higher costs for simply „being” on the market. The Bucharest hotel market is no exception; in the recent past, it has witnessed a slight upwards trend generated by the increase of demand in the business tourism area, while also facing the challenge of integration of modern technologies in the hotel business.

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