The USV Annals of Economics and Public Administration, Vol 16, No 2(24) (2016)

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Customer Perception on Alternative Delivery Channel (ADC) of Banks in Bangladesh

Hossain Shahid Shohrowardhy, Shahed Bin Sadique, H.M Kamrul Hassan


This paper aims at understanding the level of customer’s perception on alternative delivery channel of different commercial schedule banks of Bangladesh. Considering the significant development in technology and for sustainability, banking industry in Bangladesh has expanded banking operation through offering different ADCs to attract customers which are ultimately changing the perception of customers in the long run. Based on this reality, data were collected from a survey and a usable sample of 134 was taken for analysis. KAPPA test and multiple regression model is used to analyze the overall consistency of respondent’s responses and measurement of consumers’ perception. The results of the survey show that visibility, availability, self-security, confidential transaction ability, easiness and simplicity in the procedure of ADC makes it more attractive to consumer. The findings also suggest that security of physical establishment of ADC is vital though banks have given less importance to it. From the study, it is found that in order to change perception and to attract more users to banking; it is not going to be enough to make the system easy to interact with. Banks should develop more secured and private alternative delivery channels that will be reliable to their customers. Thus, management attention might be effectively focused on the development of such sectors that have been properly identified in this research.

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