The USV Annals of Economics and Public Administration, Vol 16, No 2(24) (2016)

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Cristian Cristu, Sorin Angheluta, Mihaela Cristu


Sustainable development requires better quality of life for present and future generations. Additional data is required to measure lasting progress, that tracks economic growth. The objectives that take these aspects into consideration should be accompanied by economic, social, environmental and demographic indicators. Thus, sustainable development indicators satisfy these requirements. The articles makes an analysis of the main indicators of sustainable development. Even though it is important to observe them at a macro, European level, it is necessary to take into consideration the specific situation existing at a local and regional level, as well. Equally important is the integration of objectives aimed at sustainable development into the national policies. Economic improvement can be achieved through jobs and sustainable consumption.

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                     Ştefan cel Mare University of Suceava                   Faculty of Economics and Public Administration


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