The USV Annals of Economics and Public Administration, Vol 9, No 1

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BHP universality hypothesis verification for BET-FI index of Bucharest stock exchange

Tiberiu Socaciu, Mirela Danubianu


In this paper we show the assumption of BHP universality BET -FI index from BVB (Bucharest Exchange Stock) on the assumption of universality issued paper [4] on the Dow Jones index composition (DJIA30) and Standard & Poors 100 (S & P100) by Gonçalves and Pinto. BHP (S. T. Bramwell, P. C. W. Holdsworth, J. F. Pinton) distribution is a non-parametric probability distribution from GHT (Gumbel-Fisher-Tippett) distributions classes discovered from a magnetization problem. Universality of this distribution was shown in electricity, hidrology, stocks. This paper extend results from [9]-[10] recently submitted in spirit of [4] using some software tools developped.

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