Vol 9, No 1

June 2009

Table of Contents

Economy, trade, services

Prognostication of production of goods on the basis of fuzzy sets Abstract PDF
Olesya Toska, Alexandru Nedelea 11-15
The objective and the instruments of European politics in the competition domain Abstract PDF
Maria Mureşan 16-22
An analysis of the companie’s economic growth capacity Abstract PDF
Camelia Burja, Vasile Burja 23-30
The link between local and global management in the rural tourism Abstract PDF
Rodica-Manuela Gogonea, Cristian-Valentin Hapenciuc, Irina-Maria Drăgan 31-35
Development of livestock sector through leading NGO in Bangladesh Abstract PDF
Mohammad Shamsuddoha 36-44
The lasting development of the Romanian and the relation services - economic growth - economic development Abstract PDF
Cristina Maniu, Manuela Rodica Gogonea, Marian Zaharia 45-50
Regional development in the context of the European Union integration Abstract PDF
Mihai Popescu, Carmen Năstase, Adrian Liviu Scutariu 51-56
Globalization vs. Romanian competitiveness Abstract PDF
Mihaela Bîrsan, Ştefăniţă Şuşu 57-63
Free trading – the strong dimension of economic liberalism Abstract PDF
Rozalia Kicsi 64-70
Competitiveness of Romanian tourism in the age of globalization Abstract PDF
Ştefăniţă Şuşu, Mihaela Bîrsan 71-80
Strategic options of the low-cost companies Abstract PDF
Laura Diaconu 81-87
Integrated marketing communication in politics? Abstract PDF
Ovidiu Aurel Ghiuţă 88-93
Competitively and the impact of service commerce liberalization on the activity of tourism agencies Abstract PDF
Daniela Firoiu, Cristina Laura Maniu 94-99

Management and business administration

Entrepreneurial program for women: an evaluative study on ASA and BRAC Abstract PDF
Mohammad Shamsuddoha, Alexandru Nedelea 100-109
A study regarding the leadership and organization culture of a service provider Abstract PDF
Marian Zaharia, Cristian Valentin Hapenciuc, Nicoleta Rossela Dumitru 110-116
Aspects regarding the evolution of the foreign direct investments in Romania between 1990-2007 Abstract PDF
Adrian Liviu Scutariu, Carmen Năstase 117-123
Human resources management state of the art in territorial profile Abstract PDF
Carmen Chaşovschi, Otilia Albu, Codrin Cocieru 124-131
Globalization approaches – ideas confrontations Abstract PDF
Mariana Lupan, Gabriela Prelipcean 132-140
Microeconomic fundaments of foreign direct investments contagion effects: Romania and European Union case Abstract PDF
Ioan Talpoş, Bogdan , Ioan Mihai Mutaşcu, Oana Ramona Lobonţ 141-150
The nation state in the context of the international market globalization Abstract PDF
Carmen Boghean, Mihai Popescu, Mariana Lupan, Florin Boghean 151-156
The financing policy on the real estate market in Romania Abstract PDF
Oana Mihaela Văsioiu 157-162
The impact of cultural and motivational environment within an organisation upon human resources Abstract PDF
Alunica Morariu, Răzvan Serghiuţă, Carmen Chaşovschi 163-169
Foreign direct investments – catalyst for economic growth in central and eastern Europe Abstract PDF
Roxana Heteş, Cosmin Enache, Nicoleta Moldovan 170-176
Marketing budget during the economic crisis period in Romania Abstract PDF
Monica Bîja, Ramona Lile 177-181
Short introspection in formation programs from Romania as EU state member Abstract PDF
Lucia Morosan-Danila, Otilia Maria Albu 182-190

Accounting and finance

Assessment and recognition of stocks in accounting according to international standard of financial report IAS 2 – stocks Abstract PDF
Elena Hlaciuc, Dorel Mates, Marian Socoliuc 192-197
The regime of information derived from the application procedures for statutory audit Abstract PDF
Ionel Bostan 198-201
The pertinence of information furnished by financial situations Abstract PDF
Florin Boghean, Elena Hlaciuc, Carmen Boghean 202-208
A research on the financial disclosure choices within listed companies Abstract PDF
Daniela Artemisa Calu, Mădălina Dumitru, Ileana Cosmina Pitulice, Viorel Avram, Aurelia Ştefănescu, Andreea Ponorîcă 209-218
Correlations concerning the aspects of corporate governance and the users of financial – accounting information Abstract PDF
Camelia Cătălina Mihalciuc, Silvia Melania Petrescu 219-224
The consequences of the capital regulation in credit institutions according to the Basel agreements Abstract PDF
Mariana Vlad, Mihaela Tulvinschi 225-230
Harmonized statutory audit - legal liability and sanctions Abstract PDF
Ionel Bostan 231- 234
Supreme Audit Institutions. Comparative study for the central and eastern European countries members of the European Union Abstract PDF
Mirela Oana Pintea, Sorin Adrian Achim 235-242
Comparative study regarding evolution of the harmonisation of the accounting process at national, European and international level Abstract PDF
Felix Arion, Veronica Grosu, Cristian Peres, Bogdan Cotlet 243-251
The liquidity ratios and their significance in the financial equilibrium of the firms Abstract PDF
Ciprian Dan Costea, Florin Hostiuc 252-261
Offshore areas – the key to success in the fiscal regime Abstract PDF
Florin Ovidiu Hurjui, Gheorghe Sandu 262-266

Statistics, economic informatics and mathematics

Backtracking applications developed in C # Abstract PDF
Valeriu Lupu, Cătălin Lupu, Grigore Vasilache 268-278
The synthetical indicators of variability an approach in tourism Abstract PDF
Elisabeta R. Roşca 279-289
Some aspects of data warehousing in tourism industry Abstract PDF
Mirela Danubianu, Tiberiu Socaciu, Adina Barila 290-296
Econometric analysis on the influence of different factors over the share of turnover in tourism Abstract PDF
Anamaria G. Macovei, Ionuţ Bălan 297-306
Implementation method "divide and impera" using object-oriented programming in C # Abstract PDF
Cătălin Lupu, Valeriu Lupu, Petru Arcan 307-319
BHP universality hypothesis verification for BET-FI index of Bucharest stock exchange Abstract PDF
Tiberiu Socaciu, Mirela Danubianu 320-325

Law and Public administration

Public policies for flexibility concerning the European market of human resources Abstract PDF
Alunica Morariu, Vadim Dumitraşcu, Marian Jalencu, Cristina Bălăneasa 327-334
Economic diplomacy and Romania’s foreign interest’s promotion Abstract PDF
Marilena Oana Nedelea 335-340
The role of trade unions in regulating labour relations Abstract PDF
Cristina Bălăneasa, Aurel Manolescu 341-347
The judicial cooperation in criminal matters within the European Union Abstract PDF
Vasile Pavaleanu 348-351
Decentralization and deconcentration - necessary conditions for the emergence of local democracy elements Abstract PDF
Irina Adriana Bilouseac 352-357
The Europeanization of the civil services in the community territory Abstract PDF
Ciprian Ungureanu 358-363

Book reviews

The government of the European Union, Diego Varela PDF
Andreea Govna 365-368

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