Vol 8 (2008)

Table of Contents

Economy, trade, services

The EU policy in the research and development - the role of University of Suceava in the regional context Abstract PDF
Aurel Burciu, Carmen Nastase, Carmen Chasovschi, Miika Kajanus 8-16
Competitive advantages of the national economy under conditions of open markets Abstract PDF
Vitaly Aleshchenko, Alexandru Nedelea 17-21
Promoting rural tourism in Kenya and Romania Abstract PDF
Roselyne N. Okech, Alexandru Nedelea 22-28
Impact of the tourism development on poverty reduction in Albania as a country in transition Abstract PDF
Evelina Bazini 29-35
The tourism in view of regional development in the north-east region of Romania Abstract PDF
Adrian Liviu Scutariu, Cristian Valentin Hapenciuc 36-43
The process of EU integration, regional development, and cross border cooperation Abstract PDF
Alina Larion, Marilena Oana Nedelea, Liliana Elmazi 44-49
Social protection and the conflictual reality from economy Abstract PDF
Gabriela Liliana Cioban 50-56
The state of legal marketing in Latin America Abstract PDF
Elina Zabolotna 57-60
The structural analysis of modern economic systems Abstract PDF
Zoya Halushka 61-64
The dynamics of the exterior commerce of Romania in 2007 Abstract PDF
Cecilia Irina Rabontu, Amelia Georgiana Boncea, Marcel Romanescu 65-69

Management and business administration

Appreciations regarding external capital in Romanian economy in the second half of the 19th century and the first two decades of the 20th century Abstract PDF
Maria Mureşan, Oana Mihaela Văsioiu 71-76
Customer relationship management in Macedonian telecommunications Abstract PDF
Lidija Pulevska-Ivanovska 77-84
Some aspects about the small business and EU policy Abstract PDF
Mariana Lupan 85-91
Investment projects: general presentation, definition, classification, characteristics the stages Abstract PDF
Ioan Hurjui, Marcela Cristina Hurjui 92-98
The control of investment projects: types of control, the stages of the process, control systems Abstract PDF
Ioan Hurjui 99-107
The impact of leadership on the organizational level Abstract PDF
Claudia Frăţilă 108-112
Romania cohesion policy Abstract PDF
Marcela Cristina Hurjui 113-117
Analysis of cross-border cooperation as the way of European integration of Ukraine Abstract PDF
Volodymyr Pryadko, Pavlo Shylepnytskyi 118-122

Accounting and finance

The accounting harmonization in the process of national reform in base of the IAS/IFRS standards Abstract PDF
Camelia Dogariu, Enathe Murekabiri Urimunbeshi, Muvuny Bonaventure 124-128
Specific features about communication and the importance of the annual financial statements in the process of communication Abstract PDF
Elena Hlaciuc, Camelia Mihalciuc 129-135
The planification of an audit of annual financial situations from the viewpoint of the international standard of audit 300 Abstract PDF
Viorel Ţurcanu, Ionel Bostan, Dorel Mateş, Marian Socoliuc, Veronica Grosu 136-141
The evolution of the international standards of accountancy IAS/IFRS, area of application and the mechanism of adoption Abstract PDF
Viorel Ţurcanu, Dorel Mateş, Ionel Bostan, Veronica Grosu, Marian Socoliuc 142-146
The importance of modern e-banks for development of new economy Abstract PDF
Camelia Catalina Mihalciuc, Anisoara Niculina Apetri, Muvuny Bonaventure 147-151
Liquidation by and outside the law of bankruptcy and of insolvency Abstract PDF
Irina-Ştefana Cibotariu 152-157
Economic entity performance approach considering the relationship between efficiency – profitability – competitiveness Abstract PDF
Anişoara-Niculina Apetri, Gheorghe Sandu, Irina-Ştefana Cibotariu 158-161
The role of responsibility centres in the overall performance of the entity Abstract PDF
Camelia Obreja 162-169
Possibilities of operational pursuit of recalculated costs (previously established, standard) within the field of management Abstract PDF
Camelia Obreja 170-178
Romanian financial system and economic growth Abstract PDF
Bogdan Fîrţescu 179-185
The accountant information. Demand and offer Abstract PDF
Irina Chirita, Ioana Zaheu 186-189

Statistics, economic informatics and mathematics

Analysis of repartition form in distributions of frequencies Abstract PDF
Elisabeta Roşca 191-201
Analysis of variance used in the study of the relationship between variables Abstract PDF
Elisabeta Roşca 202-211
Economic models that lead to linear programming problems Abstract PDF
Anamaria Macovei 212-217
Economic modelling processes using MatLab Abstract PDF
Anamaria Macovei, Sorin Siretean 218-222

Law and Public administration

Comparative analysis of local financial autonomy in the European Union countries Abstract PDF
Elena Rusu 224-230
The role of political advisors in European Union countries Abstract PDF
Răzvan Viorescu, Diego Varela Pedreira 231-236
The nature of the political responsibility of the administration and of its members Abstract PDF
Gabriela Nemţoi 237-241

                     Ştefan cel Mare University of Suceava                   Faculty of Economics, Administration and Business


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