Vol 10, No 2

December 2010

Table of Contents

Economy, trade, services

Romanian illegal markets in the context of the current macroeconomic evolution Abstract PDF
Irina Caunic, Gabriela Prelipcean, Florin Bogdan Suciu 09-14
The impact of mobile government in organizations: promises and pitfalls Abstract PDF
Mircea Georgescu 15-22
Social policy and social wellfare in Slovak Republic Abstract PDF
Iveta Hajduchova, Igor Stadtherr 23-29
European dynamics influence on world crisis Abstract PDF
Cristian Valentin Hapenciuc, Elizabeth Lorena Tcaciuc 30-38
The effects of transition from a technical division of labor to a cognitive international specialization Abstract PDF
Ion Ignat, Liviu-George Maha 39-44
Transnational companies and foreign direct investments Abstract PDF
Maria Muresan 45-52
Education - an economic growth factor Abstract PDF
Carmen Nastase, Alina Hodoroaba 53-60
Study of signalling games on the labour force market of EU-27, the pure strategy case Abstract PDF
Stelian Stancu, Turodel Andrei, Oana Mădălina Predescu, George Viorel Voinescu 61-70
Changes of innovation behaviour in Slovak forestry Abstract PDF
Zuzana Dobsinska, Zuzana Sarvasova, Jaroslav Salka 71-80
Romania's investment policy Abstract PDF
Oana Chindris-Vasioiu 81-87
Cohesion policy and green economy Abstract PDF
Florina Bran, Cristina Popa, Carmen Valentina Radulescu 88-92
Aspects regarding historical evolution of international financial flows Abstract PDF
Carmen Boghean, Florin Boghean 93-98
Landmarks of regional development in the E.U. Abstract PDF
Adrian Liviu Scutariu, Lucia Hedviga Pascariu 99-108
Aspects concerning economic and financial performances of subsidiaries of transnational companies active in Romania Abstract PDF
Daniela Pirvu, Logica Banica, Alina Hagiu 109-117
The crisis influence on the unemployment evolution Abstract PDF
Gabriela-Liliana Cioban, Costel-Ioan Cioban 118-123
Exceeding the restriction in agriculture, economical speaking, after adhering to the European Union Abstract PDF
Dorina Ardelean, Marius Boita 124-129
Comparitive econometric analysis on the evolution of tourism traffic in Prahova and Brasov counties Abstract PDF
Marian Zaharia, Rodica Manuela Gogonea 130-135
IPSAS agriculture - problems of a start Abstract PDF
Cristina Silvia Nistor, Andreea Cirstea, Diana Cozma Ighian 136-141
Influence of brand name on consumer decision making process - an empirical study on car buyers. Abstract PDF
Mohammed Alamgir, Tasnuba Nasir, Mohammad Shamsuddoha, Alexandru Nedelea 142-153
Implications of the Euro adoption in the EU countries. Case study: Slovakia vs Slovenia Abstract PDF
Anamaria Hlaciuc 154-159

Management and business administration

Global crisis and mikrocyclicity Abstract PDF
Aurel Burciu 161-175
Evaluation of inter-generational knowledge transfer by using the analytic hierarchy process (AHP) Abstract PDF
Constantin Bratianu, Adriana Agapie 176-184
Mounting e-waste of Europe: policies, management practices, and business solutions Abstract PDF
Ildiko Ioan, Carmen Valentina Radulescu, Cristina Popa 185-193
Two personalities, two solutions for business development in Romania: Robert Kiyosaki or Jim Collins? Abstract PDF
Gheorghe Negoescu 194-200
Business incubators. Effective means to support private initiative. Abstract PDF
Dănuţ Tiberius Epure, Dorinela Cusu 201-207
Optimization of human resources function through knowledge management Abstract PDF
Carmen Chasovschi, Ruxandra Bejinaru, Otilia Bordeianu 208-215

Accounting and finance

The accountant profession: Evolution and ruptures. The birth of the accounting paradigm Abstract PDF
Rusalim Petris, Elena Hlaciuc 217-227
Systematic approach to the functions of public finances - a necessity for the Romanian economy Abstract PDF
Carmen Comaniciu, Liliana Bunescu 228-234
Estimating the cost - value relationship using instruments of management accountancy Abstract PDF
Iuliana Georgescu, Dorina Budugan, Laura Cretu 235-240
The analysis on the preparation degree of the Eastern Europe block states to adopt the unique currency Abstract PDF
Anisoara Niculina Apetri, Gheorghe Sandu, Irina Stefana Cibotariu 241-249
Ratio between accounting principles and interim financial reporting Abstract PDF
Claudia-Elena Grigoras-Ichim 250-254
The management of the financial and non-financial implications of the salaries growth Abstract PDF
Irina Chirina, Raluca Zoltan 255-262

Law and Public administration

Recent benchmarks on wages in the national public system Abstract PDF
Alunica Morariu 264-269
Mediation in commercial conflicts Abstract PDF
Marcela Slusarciuc 270-277
Current guidelines in the field of administrative contracts Abstract PDF
Liana-Teodora Pascariu 278-283
The role of NGOs in European governance Abstract PDF
Ciprian Ungureanu, Nicoleta Ionescu Florea, Gabriela Negru 274-289
The application of the legality principle in the administrative activity in the European Union countries Abstract PDF
Dumitriţa Florea (Ionescu), Alina Larion 290-296

Book reviews

Institutional economists' territory Abstract PDF
Ionel Bostan 290-296

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