Vol 9, No 2

December 2009

Table of Contents

Economy, trade, services

Determinants of key performance indicators (KPIs) of private sector banks in Sri Lanka: an application of exploratory factor analysis Abstract PDF
Balasundaram Nimalathasan 9-17
Co-operation strategies enhancing the innovation in nature-based tourism services Abstract PDF
Anne Matilainen, Gerhard Weiss, Zuzana Sarvasova, Diana Feliciano, Carmen Nastase 18-29
The European experience concerning regional decentralization Abstract PDF
Irina Maria Drăgan, Rodica Manuela Gogonea 30-34
Economic growth in Russia regions: key factors Abstract PDF
Vitaly Aleschenko, Alexandru Nedelea, Oana Nedelea 35-40
Appreciations on critics of the globalization process Abstract PDF
Carmen Boghean, Florin Boghean, Mihai Popescu 41-46
The social LCA: the state of art of an evolving methodology Abstract PDF
Luigia Petti, Patrizia Campanella 47-56
The connection identification between the net investments in hotels and restaurants and touristic accommodation capacity by using the ANOVA method Abstract PDF
Roxana Elena Stan, Emilia Gabroveanu, Nicoleta Radneantu 57-61
Considerations on the new community legislation regarding the European private society Abstract PDF
Elise Nicoleta Vâlcu 62-69
The ability to assume the decisional risk in the consumption process Abstract PDF
Laura Diaconu, Corneliu C. Diaconu 75-82
Concepts, models, techniques and practices of economic and financial analysis Abstract PDF
Alina Balan 83-90

Management and business administration

Human resources management control Abstract PDF
Mihaela Dumitrana, Mădălina Dumitru, Iulia Jianu, Gabriel Jinga, Gabriel Radu 92-99
The implications of the FDI flows on the economical growth in the central and eastern Europe countries Abstract PDF
Mariana Lupan 100-106
The management of innovation, a chance to strengthen the organization Abstract PDF
Virgil Dan Amza, Constantin Brătianu, Miruna Vladia Amza 107-111
The influences financial management in developing the future firm’s business Abstract PDF
Valeria Arina Bălăceanu 112-118
Balanced scorecard and the management instrument’s complementarity Abstract PDF
Sunhilde Cuc 119-124
The way in which metaprograms and metamodels influence leaders of organizations Abstract PDF
Cornel Iosif 125-133
Current trends in HRM Abstract PDF
Otilia Albu, Lucia Moroşan-Dănilă 134-139
The outset and development of public relations (PR) in Romanian economy after 1990 Abstract PDF
Raluca Zoltan, Ghiorghi Prisăcaru, Romulus Vancea 140-147
How to understand the New Economy Abstract PDF
Angela Nicoleta Cozorici, Simona Buta, Ghiorghi Prisăcaru 148-155

Accounting and finance

Evaluation and recognition of intangible fixed assets in accordance with national and international financial reporting standards IAS/IFRS Abstract PDF
Dorel Mates, Elena Hlaciuc, Marian Socoliuc 157-162
Models for the assessment of the enterprise bankruptcy risk in crisis situations Abstract PDF
Silvia Melania Petrescu, Camelia Cătălina Mihalciuc 163-172
Accounting alternative treatments regarding fixed assets - a national and international approach Abstract PDF
Ion Peres, Dumitru Cotlet, Veronica Grosu 173-180
Assessment of influence inflation stocks Abstract PDF
Mihaela Tulvinschi, Mariana Vlad 181-188
Particular aspects of the process of financial communication from the perspective of exigencies regarding the quality assurance of accounting products Abstract PDF
Valeriu Brabete, Cristian Drăgan 189-196
Quo Vadis internal audit education? Abstract PDF
Cristina Boţa-Avram, Atanasiu Pop 197-205
The discretionary fiscal policy in the European Economic and Monetary Union Abstract PDF
Cristian Pana 206-212
Conceptual approaches concerning the new paradigm of the monetary economy Abstract PDF
Spiridon Pralea, Irina Ştefana Cibotariu, Anişoara Niculina Apetri 213-222
Considerations regarding the organisation of financial management of the economic entities Abstract PDF
Lucia Risti 223-230
Relevance and credibility of the information from the financial-accounting statements Abstract PDF
Marilena Zuca 231-237
The relationship between financial management and the information supplied by accountancy in the process of substantiating the financial decisions at the level of an economical entity Abstract PDF
Irina Chirita, Claudia Grigoraş-Ichim 238-243
Conceptual delimitation of fixed assets procurement in projects with grant funding Abstract PDF
Mihaela Nătăliţa Lesconi -Frumuşanu, Ioan Anton Paulescu 244-253
Theories regarding financial intermediation and financial intermediaries – a survey Abstract PDF
Alin Marius Andrieş 254-261
Accounting policies applied in determining cash flow Abstract PDF
Florin Hostiuc, Ciprian Dan Costea 262-271

Statistics, economic informatics and mathematics

A statistical analysis of the north-east region of Romania compared to the others in terms of tourist activity Abstract PDF
Ioana Ciotir, Adrian Liviu Scutariu 273-280
Database access through Java technologies Abstract PDF
Ion Lungu, Nicolae Mercioiu, Victor Vlăducu 281-291
Mathematical modelling of the dissemination phenomenon concerning the currency crisis of south-easy Asia Abstract PDF
Tudor Colomeischi, Anamaria G. Macovei 292-298

Law and Public administration

Romania and Bulgaria in the European Union: A spatial analysis of Council voting Abstract PDF
Diego Varela 300-309
Considerations on pre-employment stage specific personnel administration Abstract PDF
Alunica Morariu, Grigore Belostecinic, Ionel Bostan 310-314
The distinction between decentralization and deconcentration of public services Abstract PDF
Irina Bilouseac, Petronela Zaharia 315-320

Book reviews

Book review for macroeconomics: fundamental concepts, Carmen NĂSTASE, Mihai POPESCU, Carmen BOGHEAN, Adrian Liviu SCUTARIU Abstract PDF
Gheorghe Cârstea 322-324

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