Vol 10, No 1

June 2010

Table of Contents

Economy, trade, services

Specific public relations tools used in online communications by tourism companies Abstract PDF
Nicoleta-Rossela Dumitru, Costel-Iliuţă Negricea, Manuela-Rodica Gogonea 9-18
The financial crisis impact onthe degree of economics integration Abstract PDF
Nicolae Dardac, Iustina Alina Boitan 19-26
The theoretical aspects of integration processes on the regional level Abstract PDF
Ihor Yaskal, Alexandru Nedelea 27-34
Does the Albanian pension system work? Abstract PDF
Edlira Luci, Dorina Kripa 35-45
Pesticides pollution of food - risks and implications for consumer protection Abstract PDF
Corina Ene 46-55
The consumer role in higher education Abstract PDF
Maria-Lavinia Popescu 56-65

Management and business administration

FDI developments in the Romanian economy. Abstract PDF
Maria Muresan, Oana Chindris-Vasioiu 67-73
Values: linking Hosftede's cultural dimensions to Adrian-Paul Iliescu's "right" & "left" interpretations from Popper's "open society" perspective Abstract PDF
Carmen-Aida Hutu, Dorina Ticu 74-81
Contemporary management aspects of the companies with international activity Abstract PDF
Sebastian Ene, Mihaela Ioneci 82-87
Emperical reflections regarding the benefits of the human capital Abstract PDF
Simona Buta, Rozalia Kicsi, Angela – Nicoleta Cozorici 88-94
Determinants of customer relationship management (CRM): A conceptual analysis Abstract PDF
Mohammed Alamgir, Tasnuba Nasir, Mohhamad Shamsuddoha 95-101
How tractors traders see the Romanian quality management system Abstract PDF
Ramona Ioana Tipa 102-108

Accounting and finance

Reflecting the compliance and performance degree in the special reports of the European Court of Accounts Abstract PDF
Ionel Bostan, Elena Hlacius, Eugenia Iancu, Gabriela Nemtoi 110-116
Tax treatment of non-transfers Abstract PDF
Lucia Paliu-Popa 117-124
Aggregate dimensions used in carrying out the financial balance of the economic entity in financial vision Abstract PDF
Diana-Mihaela Pociovalisteanu, Camelia Cătălina Mihalciuc, Anisoara Niculina Apetri 125-134
Deployment approaches of the intangible assets under the form of intellectual capital within the accountancy procedures of a commercial company Abstract PDF
Iuliana Georgescu, Irina Chirita 135-141
Value added reporting: A case study of abans listed manufacturing company limited in Sri Lanka Abstract PDF
Arumugam Subramaniyam, Balasundaram Nimalathasan 142-147
Analysis of contemporary Romanian public debt Abstract PDF
Flavia Barna, Ovidiu Mura 148-154
Fair value - the umbrella of the valuation bases used in accounting Abstract PDF
Diana Cozma Ighian, Cristina Silvia Nistor 155-162
The internal control system of the credit institutions Abstract PDF
Mariana Vlad, Mihaela Tulvinschi 163-169
The influence of the fiscal policy and the automatic stabilizers on the economy Abstract PDF
Irina-Stefana Cibotariu, Mirela Matei 170-175

Statistics, economic informatics and mathematics

Stationary and Non-stationary Time Series Abstract PDF
Elisabeta R. Rosca 177-186
Developing web applications using the MDA paradigm Abstract PDF
Mihai-Constantin Avornicului 187-193
Considerations on interpretation of same cases in connection with article 10 of patent law no. 64/1991 Abstract PDF
Tiberiu-Octavian Cujba 194-199

Law and Public administration

The local budget, support for sustainable development - case study: The local budget of the municipality of Ploiesti Abstract PDF
Cornel Constantin Lazar, Mirela Lazar 201-209
Comparative study on financial and administrative decentralization in European countries Abstract PDF
Ana-Maria Bercu, Mihai-Bogdan Petrisor 210-219
Local public administration principles in Romania - a critical point of view Abstract PDF
Leonina-Emilia Suciu, Ioan Lazar 220-228
Unity and diversity in the Romanian law concerning the administrative and territorial organization in the interwar period Abstract PDF
Marilena-Oana Nedelea 229-236
Common foreign and security policy as envisaged in the Lisbon treaty Abstract PDF
Gabriela Leuciuc, Elena Iftime 237-242
Changes in the structure of Romanian local budget Abstract PDF
Cristinel Ichim 243-248
Evaluation model of the real convergence of the central and east european states in relation to EMU Abstract PDF
Vasile-Liviu Ichim 249-254
Decentralisation and subsidiarity in the management of local public administration Abstract PDF
Irina Bilouseac, Petronela Zaharia 255-261
The role of financial resources from the structural and cohesion funds in the strengthening of the administrative - territorial units autonomy Abstract PDF
Elena Rusu (Chelaru) 262-271
The assessment of the social danger of the concrete act. The renunciation to apply a punitive sanction. Abstract PDF
Daniela Iuliana Lamasanu 279-285

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